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Sermons By The Spirit

The crowd walk and remain far-from-Him. The lukewarm do so close-to-Him. Those who are one-with-Him are His true disciples.  These sermons are for such disciples, and all brethren who choose to escape the crowd and lukewarmness to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. Amen.


"Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: ..." Mk 4:11;   "...freely ye have received, freely give." Matt 10:7-8 

Share the Word freely. Amen.

Mystery of the four Faces of Christ

Mystery of the four Faces of Christ

Understanding what these faces mean, and how they apply to your life as a soldier and a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Jonah (Pt 1 of 3): Wake Up!

Jonah (Pt 1 of 3): Wake Up!

HGA Video 1: Mystery Of The Book Of Jonah Revealed (Pt 1 of 3)

Modern Idols

Modern Idols

HGA Video 4: Why and How Modern Idols Stealthily Kill Your Spirit By Separating You From God

Isaiah 40:28-31

Isaiah 40:28-31

HGA Video 6: Isaiah 40:28-31

Jesus' Party

Jesus' Party

HGA Video 7: How to Party with Jesus

Battle Axe

Battle Axe

HGA Video 8: A Revelation, Meaning and Responsibility of being God's Battle Axe.

The Call to be Fruitful

The Call to be Fruitful

HGA Video 9: The Call to be Fruitful in Season and out of Season

A0. Faith versus Science   Text   

A1. Cast down your Crown​​   Text

​A2. The Three Wise Men​   Text

A3. One Word, one Meaning, one Teacher.  Text

A4. Purpose of the Old Testament   Text

A5. Kinds of Prayer   Text

A6. Why and How to Ask, Seek and Knock. ​  Text 

​A7. Scriptural shortcut to Prayer Answers   Text

A8. Mary, Martha and Lazarus of Bethany.   Text      

A9. Milk, Quail or Manna?   Text

B0. The Former and the Latter Rain   Text

B1. Know where you stand   Text

​B2. Turning Water into Wine   Text

B3. Lust of the Flesh   Text

B4. Choice, Will and Deed.   Text

B5. Dominion trade   Text

B6. Bowing down and Lifting of Hands​​   Text

​B7. Signs and Symbols​   Text

B8. How men unknowingly feed evil spirits   Text 

B9. Song, Noise and Shout.   Text

C0. Loneliness and its only Cure   Text

C1. God's Wife​​   Text

​C2. Marriage and Divorce​   Text

C3. Second Crucifixion of Christ   Text

C4. Worldliness 1: Coat of Many Colors   Text

C5. Worldliness 2: Babylon the Spirit   Text

C6. Worldliness 3: Babylon the City​   Text

​C7. Part 1: Jonah, Wake Up!​   Text  

C8. Part 2: Jonah, Love thy Nineveh!   Text    

C9. Part 3: Jonah, Escape and Move On!   Text

D0. Spiritual gifts and their Purpose   Text

D1. Peter's Rescue, Rhoda's Message: 1​​​   Text

​D2. Peter's Rescue, Rhoda's Message: 2​   Text

D3. Peter's Rescue, Rhoda's Message: 3   Text

D4. Sin, Wound and Cure.   Text

D5. Fasting 1: Before Birth   Text

D6. Fasting 2: During Birth​​   Text

​D7. Fasting 3: After Birth​   Text

D8. Healing 1: Faith, Authority and Power.   Text   

D9. Healing 2: Practicals   Text

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